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    Piccolo Sogno

    In the italian tradition of hospitality of Piccolo Sogno, our warm and friendly staff will greet all of our guests like family and we promise that you will enjoy a memorable and delicious dining experience.

Piccolo Sogno is an authentic italian restaurant near Bayside, in Flushing, a place where you can taste the real italian food in New York. Chef and owner Maurizio is proud to serve excellent italian cuisine in a homey and comfortable atmosphere.

Maurizio is an italian chef, with several years of experience in the best italian restaurants in Lombardia, an italian district. His passion for the italian food gave him the possibility to grow up as a renowned chef. During the years, his expectations increase more and more, until the moment he decided to definitely change his life: he decided to bring the real italian food in New York, the famous big apple. After many years of works, Maurizio finally achieved his goal and realized his biggest dream. During the 2009, he opened Piccolo Sogno, the italian restaurant in Flushing, Queens.

Nowadays, Piccolo Sogno is one of the most famous restaurant in Queens. You can taste the very flavors of italian food in New York. There are many italian restaurants in Queens, but Piccolo Sogno is different. Piccolo Sogno is a mix of sweat, passion, hard work, desire to improve and attention to detail. Every dish is carefully consider by Maurizio. His customers deserve only the best italian food in New York. Maurizio and his team cook every day to offer the best experience to every person who comes to Piccolo Sogno.

Our biggest dream was to open a place where to cook the real italian food in New York. We wanted to offer to our customers a special occasion to live a unique experience. And we did it!

At Piccolo Sogno, we look forward to serving customers in many ways, including dining in and enjoying our superb food, great service and reasonable prices. Moreover, we offer the options to take out and delivery food. Piccolo Sogno is also specialized in italian food catering. We will be happy to host corporate dining events, holiday parties or any type of private social gathering in our restaurant or at the venue of your choice.

In the italian restaurant Piccolo Sogno, guests can live a delicious and memorable dining experience. In a city where people can taste every type of cuisine, from chinese to mexican and thai food, Piccolo Sogno offer the best italian food in New York. Although the classic italian cuisine, this restaurant give to people the chance to taste one of the culinary simbols of Italy: the pizza. At Piccolo Sogno, customers can see the preparation and the fresh ingredients. Guests can smell the scent of freshly baked pizza: trust us, it’s an outstanding experience!

Piccolo Sogno

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